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Banking Industry Insurance

Banking Industry Insurance

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banking industry insurance

Banking Industry Insurance provides the protection you need when giving advice

Banking Industry Insurance, we understand it.

Banking, Mortgage Banking and Financial advice is something that Select Specialty Insurance Services understands.  We have a strong background in this area and pride ourselves on providing the right coverage that most agencies only attempt to understand.   Each day, your organization and employees transact business with the general public and handle multiple transactions.  When it comes to providing advice, assistance and financial guidance to the general public, the margins of error become very small while regulation and risk become very large.

With all the above risk factors taken into consideration, no bank can afford to do business without the necessary insurance cover.  Strategic banks should therefore consider having the following insurance coverages.

Banking Industry Insurance Coverage – Business owner policy (BOP)

Business owner policy insurance cover is meant to provide protection against assets owned by the policy holder. Such assets include laptops, desktops, furniture, photocopiers and scanners. An average bank normally has tens of computers in each of its branches. The bank therefore requires BOP insurance just to make sure that no unexpected expenses are incurred.

General liability is a must have banking industry insurance.

General liability insurance tailored from experts who understand the way banking industry insurance coverage should be crafted is the safest way of minimizing losses. General liability insurance also offers protection to the building housing the bank and to the bank employees. This means that the management of insured banks doesn’t have to worry about their employees being injured or falling ill while at work.

Banking Industry Insurance  -  Do you have a Cyber Liability Policy?

Cyberinsurance protects banks from the costs incurred in restoring hacked computers and websites. With the ever increasing number of cybercrimes, no bank can afford to ignore the importance of cyberinsurance.

Banks looking for the best insurance covers should start by contacting Select Specialty Insurance Services. We have been offering our services for several years and therefore understand the specific needs of each bank. We are in a position to help banks get the right coverage at the right price. We understand your business.
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