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Experienced Commercial Insurance Agents

Looking for a quote on commercial insurance from reputable insurance agents?

With many decades of experience in financial services and commercial insurance,  the insurance agents at Select Specialty Insurance Services take your business seriously.  Select Specialty is a full service commercial insurance brokerage with access to all the top carriers.  Our Insurance agents help you save time and money by shopping all the carriers on your behalf.

What makes our insurance agents approach different from the other guys?  

Once our team of insurance agents starts to shop the insurance market, their goal is to get the top carriers competing for your business.   This is the only true way insurance agents can get the best deal for your business.  This simple approach has saved our clients thousands of dollars and help Select Specialty Insurance continue to grow.  Contact us below and to see what we can do for you.  

Where are Select Specialty insurance agents located?

Although we are based in Texas and have many clients throughout the Lone Star State,  we have equally as many others nationwide.   Using Texas as our centrally located headquarters allows our agents to navigate the country efficiently from West Coast to East Coast and everywhere in between.   With this approach and our vast portfolio of  E&O InsuranceGeneral Liability, Professional LiabilityWorkers Compensation and more, our solutions are effective and affordable. Please contact our insurance agents at one of our locations below.
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