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Title Agents E&O – How To Get The Best Rates

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Title Agents E&O Coverage.  How To Get The Best Rates.


Title Agents E&O (Errors and Omissionis vital to protect your title business.

Title agents E&O,  although it is important to your business,  there is no reason you should overpay for your coverage.  We have taken it to the next level for Title Agents E&O Coverage.  The professionals with Select Specialty Insurance have leveraged our size and influence to secured an E&O program that is specifc and exclusive to Title Agents.   With this unique coverage option,  we have the ability to save you up to 25% off compared to current industry premiums.  

Title agents E&O program savings.  Custom tailored for your industry.

As an established Title Agent your agency could already qualify for the program savings.  All we need from you is a simple, one page application as well as your current declarations page to shop for your title agents E&O coverage.  After we process your application we will have rates for you in a few short days.  We have a convenient online application that you can access here or a short, downloadable application.  

Protect what you have built and continue to grow.  We have your back.

You have worked very hard to build your business with the highest levels of security and loss prevention, now you can take it one step further and be rewarded for your efforts.  Complete the short title agents E&O application and let the professionals at Select Specialty Insurance go to work for you.  

We are here for you.  Always.

Aside from this unique coverage option we have for title agents,  we also represent all insurance companies offering title agents E&O and Fidelity Bonds coverage.  We will always shop the entire insurance market for the most competitive rates available.   This will save you time, energy and money.  We look forward to helping you.  Please contact us if you would like to speak with an agent over the phone.     25% Savings on Title Agents E&O Coverage